Fonctionne sur les ordiphones et les tablettes. OsmAnd est une puissante application libre de géo-navigation. Elle utilise la carte libre OpenStreetMap. OsmAnd a beaucoup plus de fonctionnalités que son concurrent propriétaire privateur de liberté Waze de Google ou que les appareils GPS, c'est pourquoi sa prise en main est un peu plus complexe. Par rapport à Waze, OsmAnd permet en plus la navigation cycliste, piétonnière, en transports en commun

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Toutes les données peuvent être stockées localement sur la mémoire de votre appareil pour usage hors connexion. Grâce à la puce GPS de votre appareil, OsmAnd permet le routage d'itinéraires, avec guidage visuel et vocal, en modes voiture, vélo et piéton. Toutes les fonctions, y compris la navigation, peuvent être utilisées en mode connecté ou hors connexion.

Great for touring, sightseeing, and historical backgrounding. Discover new information about the places right around you, or around your family, relatives, associates, etc. Rapidly become locally acclimated. Great way to liven up long trips, learning about the numerous interesting places right along your route. Briefly touch a W and get a one-line description of that WikiPedia place Touch a W a bit longer the name pops up inside a small gray box. Then, just: tap the red X to remove that pop up, or tap anywhere inside that gray box to bring up a new comprehensive menu.

An Internet connection is NOT required, and no data charges will ever accrue. Show POI Website this option will take you via the browser of your choice directly to the relevant WikiPedia article page. An Internet connection is required, and your provider may charge you their data transport fees.

It's very easy to set the selected POI location as a destination, get directions, save to a favorite for use later, etc. WikiPedia places are constantly being updated. Coverage in many areas is outstanding. It also includes coverage of non-English speaking places to the extent they are included in the English language WikiPedia site. For example the English language WikiPedia covers Paris, Hong Kong, Berlin and many other places throughout the world, discussing those places in English.

WikiPedia files can be quite large. These files and all the OsmAnd map files may typically be run from your main, or SD memory storage, or from an auxiliary add-on memory card provided your device has a slot for one and most do , even if you do not have root access to your Android operating system. Where the files are stored is easily configured via a menu option, and the software will effortlessly move any existing downloaded files to a new location you choose.

Everyone can contribute to the application by reporting bugs, improving translations, or coding new features. The project is in a lively state of continuous improvement by all these forms of developer and user interaction. The project progress also relies on financial contributions to fund the development, coding, and testing of new functionalities. It is also possible to fund specific new features, or to make a general donation on osmand. Start this script on a command line without any parameters to see all options and proceed.

Maybe there is a named street in the OSM data, but OsmAnd cannot find it via its offline address search? Run the above mentioned inspector with parameter -v and [nameofyourmapfile]. Thus you can find out whether OsmAnd's street list is incomplete this can have several reasons like missing administrative borders etc.

Corrections are either uploaded to the OSM database instantly, or in offline mode, must be manually uploaded later. Tap the gray location box. Select "Create POI". Type in the information in each of the fields. The other box automatically adds the key for each value selected. Adding address is still a little clunky but can be done. Select "Advanced Mode". Select "Add Tag". Type "A" in the tag box.

You can't see the whole field, so you just have to remember what spot each value is in. Type the value in.


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