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Taille: Sa nous donne cela: If you would like to trade links please send me your website details. It hurts me daily. Nouveau sujet Liste des sujets. Iraqi blogger Omar posts a photo gallery from a couple of places in Baghdad.

The huts are brand-new, made from nothing but reeds. Saddam dammed up the marshes in Southern Iraq and logicoel them on fire. The smoke could be seen from the space shuttle Endeavor. Now that the ecosystem is being restored, the Marsh Logiiel are moving back in. Some of these places in Iraq are pretty nice. Most people and buildings will never be bombed.

Perusing these photos makes me wistfully wish I were there. My worst kept secret is that I was planning to go to Iraq in December. I am very sorry to say that I have put that on hold.

Not right now, anyway. I really do want to visit. I want to breathe the free air of Baghdad. I want to see a ruined country reborn. The United States is not attacking Iraq. The United States is defending Iraq. It would really be something to write about. In the meantime, I have other plans. Libya is first on the list. I finally reached a breakthrough in the painstaking process of getting a visa today.

I expect a lot of pictures, some cogent analysis, and at least a few funny stories when you return. Her initial hesitation was all about the freaky government. She has a sense of humor about it. Yesterday she said we must get our pictures taken next to a propganda picture of Colonel Qaddafi looking all stern in his sunglasses.

Well, if bandwidth were free. I say that only to say that your stones are bigger than mine. How about asking the Iraqis what they think? The most recent polls there show a majority saying the America is occupying Iraq, not liberating it, and that they want Americans out, whatever the consequences.

At this point, I am pro-occupation, to the point where I see the June 30 handover date as a looming disaster. I am far from confident that things have settled down enough for a sovereignty transfer.

Some Iraqis appear to accept the possibility of civil war as the lesser of evils, if they have to choose between that and continued occupation.

Our own moral certitude about our good intentions there, and how that certitude somehow makes us think we would be, and are inherently better people. You were far too optimistic through this whole thing. Getting out of there too quickly threatens civil war. Civil wars are more deadly than most other kinds of wars.

This is not a risk to take lightly. What good is it to have a feather in your liberal democracy cap like having ousted a cruel dictator, if the upshot is a destabilization that kills more people than that dictator ever did? Look at our own Civil War. Compare the casualty count with any other war America has been involved in. And whether you knew it or not at the time, this is what you signed up for.

Put your money — and your body — where your mouth is. Buy the tickets that will get you to Baghdad in Januarynot long after these supposed elections. Buy the air tickets. If the prospect of going seems a bit frightening at that point, consider this: Logickel lot more people might actually look up to you as someone who is truly qualified to pronounce on the issues that arise over the taking of human life by force of arms.

But, really, llogiciel worries me about going there is what will happen to me personally rather than what the place is like as a whole. I would rather be a soldier, and I would rather have been there the day we dropped bombs on the city than go there today, unarmed, and alone. I went to Ground Zero in Manhattan while it was still on fire. I breathed the ashes of dead people.

Go look at them yourself. What those people think is not something a lone blogger can control. I was passing troop carriers every day at the gate, put there to guard us from terrorist attacks. You can get used to it, in a weird way. Perhaps a little too used to it.



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