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This is taking me a little while to come to grips with and I've had to refer to the manual a few times. But the more time I spend learning it, the bigger the pay-off is getting.

I'm able to do just about all the things I normally would use Sonar for. There's even automation. It's not an inexpensive app, but nor should it be. There's a lot of effort been put into this and the result is a pretty comprehensive DAW. The more I use it, the more impressed with it I become.

Both a Tascam Im2 and Guitar Jack 2 work fine with it. If multi-tracking is your thing, give this a look. Edit: you can also program Sonoma's Instant Drummer apps, copy them to the paste board and import into Meteor. Also, exporting your tracks to a stereo. And can dial in separate controls to the effects on each track. I've tried them all and really wish I'd just started here in the first place, it is just way ahead of the rest.

It's the only multi-track to offer full automation for starters, and that in itself puts this app in a class of it's own. If you're serious about recording on your iPad, this is the only one that will give you that professional studio result, there's no point settling for less, you'll just be wasting your time. You also may have to purchase some extra effects if you like to have every option, but they're not a necessity, it already comes with some powerful rack units.

All the effects are the best you'll find,or hear for that matter, you really have to try this out to really understand the quality. Do your songs the favor, it's really the only choice, mine have never sounded so good.

I ended up purchasing video import and Meteor crashed the first time I used it I have no idea what happened with that! The only thing which lowers my rating from 5-star to 4-star is that Meteor has crashed on me a couple of times and I lost my project. Some might say this could be expected for a v1. I'd expect minor bugs and room for improvement at v1. Overall, I can definitely recommend Meteor provided that you're willing to give the developer some time to iron out some bugs.

I'm impressed with the GUI and it's incredibly easy to use.


Meteor Boost

Le personnage principal de notre histoire est une météorite, qui se déplace dans le jeu virtuellement l'espace l'espace conformément à la loi de la gravité — c'est quand le corps physique de l'univers s'attirent mutuellement avec une force directement proportionnelle au produit de la masse du corps et inversement proportionnelle au carré de la distance entre les corps. Mais vous laissez pas effrayer cette définition complexe, pour jouer, vous n'en aurez pas besoin des lois de l'univers, — comment jouer vous dit votre intuition. Dans la pratique, votre tâche finale est, pour en évitant la collision avec d'autres corps spatiaux, passer une météorite sur l'espace le plus longtemps possible sur le temps et plus loin dans l'espace. Le succès d'un joueur est mesurée dans le volume de la météorite au — dessus dans l'espace va de joueur, plus d'une météorite. La régularité de la: moins d'une météorite de diamètre et moins de distance entre les corps spatiaux, plus météore répond à l'attraction des autres corps célestes, et le retour de la dépendance: de plus, la météorite et plus la distance entre les corps spatiaux, moins il réagit à l'attraction des autres corps célestes. Succès des voyages dans l'espace!


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