Vous entendez "assassin de la police" dans cette scène mythique de La Haine? Vous avez tout faux! Lire le contenu de l'article Vous entendez "assassin de la police" dans cette scène mythique de La Haine? À lire plus tardSauvegardé Radio Nova vient de mettre fin à une hallucination auditive collective : non, les paroles du morceau mixé par Cut Killer dans le film La Haine ne disent jamais "Assassin de la police". Tout le monde a déjà vu, au moins une fois, La Haine, sorti en

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Biography[ edit ] Anouar Hajoui as a young Parisian who loved music and a frenzied activist embraced wholeheartedly the emerging Parisian movement. He joined IZB, the first association to promote the hip-hop and organize concerts, and put down scratches on Original MC's album. He performed a memorable role as himself in a scene from the cult movie La Haine.

Career[ edit ] In the middle of the s, Cut Killer had already become a well-respected and active DJ. He adapted and consolidated New York hip-hop in France through many of his mix tapes, mixing the latest releases and freestyles of French rap, they became favorites and collectors' items.

His dynamic mixes, his smartness to catch the best 12 inches before anyone, and his flair to find local rappers made his mix-tapes important. The big number of top brass of the second generation of French rap went through this: Sages Poètes de la Rue, Lunatic, and many others.

In volume three, a CD was dedicated to international hip-hop, the other to French hip-hop. Killer, after the death of his rapper mate East established a label called Double H for Hip-Hop as a merchandising company and then a production label.

In a few years, HH became one of the most influential independent labels on the market. Double H is still developing with a team of street marketing , a clothing line "HH Wear", a publishing company called "Eastory Editions", followed by another production and publishing label "Eastory Production". Besides, Killer is booked by Chaos Prod agency, created by his brother Chakri. Over the years, Cut Killer made or produced about twenty mixed albums.

In the middle of the decade, Cut Killer returned to the fundamentals of dee-jaying on radio, and after four years on Radio Nova, he joins Skyrock, where he has a weekly show the best of global hip-hop evolution. Cut Killer has great versatility mixing the urban style, with rock, pop, reggae, in venues in Asia, Europe, USA, Australia bringing down barriers the barriers of language and geography.


"Assassins de la police" : histoire d'un slogan né d'une hallucination collective

Mail Vous pourriez jurer qu'un des morceaux de rap français les plus connus crie "Assassins de la police"? Vous parieriez même que c'est de NTM? La preuve : une génération entière l'a embarqué des salles de concert jusqu'en manif? En fait, c'est faux, mais c'est plus compliqué que ça.


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Vous entendez "assassin de la police" dans cette scène mythique de La Haine ? Vous avez tout faux !